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There is still lots of confusion about what meditation is. Even meditators are arguing among them. Many people see images of a person sitting in a perfect straight position with closed eyes  and thinking that they are just wasting time doing nothing.

There is a huge purpose in this quite silent moment called meditation. You don’t need to sit perfectly straight,  you can move while doing meditation, but be at this very moment.

Yes, to sit into meditation takes courage. You quite your mind and all the thoughts you are trying to avoid for years are coming into the surface. You try to block them, you fear them and so you quit that silent moment. It takes courage because you have to face your deep issues that will never be solved if you keep suppressing them.

I still sit into meditation after years of practice and adventure and I still cry facing my fears. There is more and more coming up during those years, depending on the level of our understanding and readiness. The brave thing is to accept those dark thoughts and let them go. Having the idea that we are humans and we all have our dark sides is easier to accept and you can relax and stop trying to become a perfect person. 

So what is meditation?

It is to quiet your mind and face what is there, being aware of your surrounding and thoughts, a non-judgmental moment where we are accepting all is there at this exact moment. We focus on breathing while our minds are jumping here and there, we call it “the monkey mind”, but when you slow down your breathing and focus on your breathing in and breathing out, your mind will eventually slow down too. After some practice you can feel peace of mind, the serenity we all thrive.

There are many techniques and tools to help us to meditate. That is why there are different names for different meditations. I teach Tibetan meditation, where you focus on Tibetan singing bowls and do humming. This way your mind slows down within humming and you feel bliss after a while. There is a mindful meditation where you are guided to be aware of your body. Simply being present. There are active meditations that begin with chaotic breathing or dance to release excess of energy or negative feelings and after a while the body is ready to calm down and start to meditate. This technique is so helpful for people going through deep emotional stress and/or PTSD.

So you don’t have time to meditate?

Still thinking that it is a waste of time?

Or perhaps you have more important things to do?

Did ever happened to you that you made wrong choices or you answered to your child in irritable way and then later you regretted it? What if you pause for at least five minutes before you make a decision or talk to your child? Try if you could make better choices and talk with more clarity? Is it really a waste of time to be able to do better choices in your life when you are less stressed and irritable because of so many expectations out there that are waiting for you to be fulfilled?

If you don't know how to start, read the simple steps HERE, because meditation is not really any complicated or hard thing to do and yet it is so beneficial

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