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From anger to compassion - Once they were children

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

I have been noticing in the last 5 years the huge anger issues of people using social network. Nowadays you are free to post anything on your profile, but the different beliefs, different ideas and different experiences are separating us and making us to show our dark side easier, as the people who are reading your posts or comments are usually too far from where we are using our computer or smart phone.

I consider myself compassionate person (of course, there is so much to learn about myself on this) and from my childhood I was pretty much always wondering why people are being so bad. Why people hurt other people or animals. Why they are always attacking (verbally) others and why there is so much injustice in our world.

That made me go deeper into psychology and the human mind. I found great material on how a bad person is created and formed, from where their pain is coming and about the cycle of abuse and violence. I’m passionately educating myself on neuroscience to understand the brain and the trauma and how that affects our behavior and emotions and that what follows the heinous crimes and the growing hatred.

Unfortunately most of the society has no idea of how a little child, that innocent being can become a “monster” once he/she is an adult.

So my concern is about the anger issues of the people, that I call “ignorants “who basically always verbally attack me and start harassing me when I try to explain the human nature of certain (bad) behavior. All that with provided evidence of studies on human psychology. But those ignorants don’t want to waste their time on studying the same subject although they are the same individuals with their anger issue, hurting others and harassing those who are innocently wanting to be compassionate and spread awareness on our human conditions.

Is sad to be in this position, but I see there are those people who are shining light on the criminal minds, sexual predators, pedophiles, human exploiters, narcissists and how these individuals are raised so they become those “monsters” for our society. If you think about it, there are millions of them. Therefore we are mainly seeing them on our daily basis without even knowing it. We are raising them, we are watching them in the TV or we are playing social games online with them.

My point is, we have to go deeper to one’s mind and ask, why this individual is acting the way he or she is. Instead we are judging, labeling, criticizing, putting down those individuals and that never has solved anything, maybe just that feeling of ~Im better then you~

I don’t know the better way to express my hurt feelings from those who verbally attacked me on social media for trying to be compassionate and reasonable and see the cause of the problem of every criminal or predator. And more, they think I’m on their side and so I’m the criminal as well. But what if your son or daughter once commit a crime, or your spouse, brother, sister, or your best friend. Would you try to understand why he or she did it? What led him/her to do it? What happened in his/her mind before doing it? Am I reasonable? Or am I just completely lost? Every criminal have a mother, a father and other family members.

Well, without compassion this world will never be peaceful and with anger there will be never peace on this planet earth. I’m going to share my knowledge no matter what, because perhaps this is my mission, to open others eyes to compassion.

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