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Easy step to start mindfulness practice on your own

Updated: May 19, 2019

If you practice mindfulness, your life can become more meaningful and richer. You make wiser decisions and you can control better your #emotions, and managing our emotions is the number 1 life skill we all should know.

The great thing about mindfulness is that you can practice it for free and wherever you are.

The bad thing is that you are the one who have to make the effort, and many of us don’t want to commit to our practice.

It is good to have an accountability buddy. It could be anyone, your friend, member of family or your spouse.

Fortunately there is out there more and more material and training on #mindfulness. It is also good to start with the common myth that mindfulness is #meditation. The truth is that mindfulness is just to be in the present moment here and now, being fully aware of your thoughts, speech, actions and your surroundings. Meditation is a tool to calm your mind, and in that calm mind you can become more mindful.

To start with being mindful, just be aware of your breath for a minute. Don’t beat up yourself for not being able to calm down, we all are struggling from the very beginnings. One minute of focusing on our breath can become for many very long period of time. Make sure you are in safe environment, and you can close your eyes, if that feels comfortable, or have gently open your eyes and gazing an object for that one long minute. When you feel like you are ready to make 2 minutes next day, do it. It is like with every practice, we start little by little. If you skip few days, again, don’t beat up yourself for that. Look for your accountability buddy or someone who could share with you that moment.

Don’t think that for having attending mindfulness course you have to spend lots of money. We all can do it, it is our natural state of mind, since we were born. We just lost it. And we can always restore it. But if you can afford that training, go for it.

Have a good luck with your beginning practice.

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