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Hi fellow survivors. I became a life coach, healer and Akashic records reader for two simple reasons. One is that I have a passion for helping people and the second one is that I want to help the very people that went through similar experience I did. I’m a survivor of rape, sexual abuse and exploitation, human/sex trafficking and domestic abuse. I was living in the cycle of abuse with men who always abused of me or exploited me, because I didn’t value enough myself. Now I can finally thrive and live my purpose. We survivors go through so many challenges, we lose trust, hope, power and many times we are falling in the same learned patterns of horror. But the good news are that we can rewire our brain and heal. We can become more confident, therefore we trust more and we can start having healthy relationships and find the right partner free of abuse and exploitation and we can discover who we truly are, which really put me on the right track.

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