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I offer the following in the galactic Akashic records reading session;


Soul mastery

Soul structure

Soul vibration

Soul facet integrity; is your soul fragmented, do you need a soul retrieval?

Truth blocking soul situations; there are many reasons your soul might not have an access to the truth

5D quotient: how many percentage are you living in the 5th dimension and how far you are from the full ascension, are you still living in the matrix 

Hawkins scale of consciousness: are you close to the enlightenment?


Divine realms; what is your soul primary realm, gifts and are you aligned with these?

Psychic abilities at soul level

Reasons for incarnating

STARSSEED ORIGINS reading; what is your soul's primary origin and what other places, dimensions, spheres or Universes your soul had experienced?

Life blueprint, forms

PAST LIVES and how they are affecting your current life

Karmic negative influence

and much more

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