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I have been practicing Reiki since 2000. I got certified in Prague and  I was very active in Reiki share groups in Spain. Reiki changed the direction of my life. I finally felt like I'm on the right track. I moved to  Florida in 2011 and  together with my friend we organized events to give Reiki sessions to street kids in downtown Miami, Reiki circles and also giving private Reiki session.
I used this energy in many challenging situations to clarify the purpose of it and what I had to learn out of it.

what is reiki?

Reiki is a healing method to keep your body and mind in balance.

Reiki therapy works in subconscious level, helps to enhance self-healing ability which exists withing us and enable healing an existing illness or prevent from becoming sick as on physical level as well as on emotional and spiritual level.

But in case of serious illness you should always seek an advice from qualified doctor or practitioner who would like to combine healing with Reiki therapist.

We are all born with the omniscient wisdom to heal. Our ancestors used and relied on their own abilities and instincts. Unfortunately, these basic skills have been forgotten and are rarely used today. There is a huge need for healing.

In my own experience Reiki with its infinite wisdom and unconditional love seeks out the person who need healing the most and is guided to the right healer and in the right time.

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